The Kids Health Network Podcast

Features interviews between Dr. Andrew and respected health and allied health professionals

About the Podcast

The podcast series is the key component of the Kids Health Network. The topics highlighted in the podcast are common presentations of childhood illnesses, and Andrew has spent a lot of time researching the most relevant and knowledgeable health professionals to discuss.

It is hoped that over time patients will have a database of useful, evidence based information they can turn to when struggling to navigate the internet.

Our recent Podcasts can be listened to on this page, with the complete list of Kids Health Network Podcasts found through below links to popular podcast services.

Experienced paediatric nurse and sleep consultant, Tara Mitchell, talks to us about the gentle sleep approach. We talk about important sleep strategies for babies and toddlers, and some tips that might help your journey.  

Clark Wight is an internationally renowned teacher and expert in the area of engaging teenagers, in particular teenage boys and supporting their needs when facing adversity. Todays podcast will cover this area along with communication with children and teens.

In this podcast we welcome back Miriam Kirby, a developmental paediatric psychologist who has extensive experience working with children with autism. In this episode we discuss why autism can be difficult to diagnose in girls and why they often present late.

In this discussion with Maddison Pike, child psychologist, we look at some of the feelings children experience following the loss of a loved one. We also discuss how to talk about grief with a child and when to seek help from a health professional.

In this episode we meet developmental paediatrician (Prof Desiree Silva) and an ADHD coach (Dr Michele Toner), both of whom are passionate about improving the lives of children with ADHD and their families.

 Staying in hospital with a child can be a daunting experience. Today we try to break this down into understanding how it affects children, and what might help prepare them for a happier stay. 

 Welcome Donna Moala, sleep consultant from bub2sleep! Today we talk about types of problems Donna has come across and how it impacts families. We also discuss the sleep sense method and some quick practical tips you can implement at home. 

In our final episode on Covid-19, we talk to a developmental child psychologist, Poh Gan to complete our chat around coping from home. We also meet Leon Grey, television actor and father of 2 young children. It is great to hear a parent perspective on the lockdown period.

We chat to Dr Mudita Tiwari, a paediatric registrar with international training in India and Toronto where she completed a Neonatal fellowship.

In this episode, we meet Poh Gan, a very experienced developmental psychologist, who sees lots of families and children. Today we talk about Covid-19 through a child's eyes. 

Today I will be chatting about how to talk to children of different ages about the Coronavirus, how to use effective measures around the house to protect yourselves and each other, plus anxiety and stress in children and yourself.